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With our world recognised RECLINE Sensors and Displays, KSG will meet and exceed your expectations. 

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Rack Mounted Display and Remote Display 

Our flagship display, with multiple inputs, remote control and built in safety features, this is the ultimate audio system inclinometer display unit

  • From 4 up to 8 inputs on XLR3, XLR5 or RJ45
  • 6 laser modes of operation
  • Over and under angle warnings and alarms
  • Remote control
  • Input names
  • Colour TFT touch screens
  • And more...

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'All KSG products are very well constructed AND perfectly suited for the task at hand. Great care and attention has clearly gone into each design.’
- Keith Cunningham, Britannia Row Productions 

EEE Producer Registration Number: WEE/KF2822WZ