Spares and Repairs

Things break, we know and accept this.  It’s a tough world out there.  If something happens to your precious inclinometer system, please get in touch with us and we will endeavor to help you out.  We have a fully kitted out workshop and boffins that can find and fix any technical problem that you might have. If you are up for a challenge and you feel like fixing it yourself, we can supply you with a range of spares. We don’t just fix inclinometers, if you have a faulty piece of audio equipment, give us a call, we might be able to help you out with that too.

Trade Ins

If you have an old inclinometer system of ours or indeed one of our competitors, Alignarray, SSE Pro Sight or Teqsas LAPTEQ, then we are offering a trade in service.  Give us your old used and battered inclinometer systems and we will give you a discount towards a future order with us.  We will dispose and recycle any used or old products in line with our environmental policy.  We like to keep it green, like our lasers.

Parts available

  • Battery holders and drawers
  • Cables
  • Circuit boards
  • Connectors
  • Fasteners and hardware
  • Labels
  • Laser Module
  • Laser mount
  • Power supplies
  • Screen bezels
  • Secondary safety
  • Switches

Services Available

  • Annual Inspection and Calibration
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Modifications
  • Customisation


Protect your investment with a customized case. Hardwearing plastic cases with custom foam inlays. There are three to choose from.

TFMAX 2-way case

Capable of holding 2 x Sensor units and 1 x display with external PSU at a much more wallet friendly price

Special order Cases

2 way Peli case

This case holds 2 x Sensor units and 1 x Display unit along with its external PSU

4 way Peli case

This case holds 4 x Sensor units and 2 x Displays unit along with their external PSUs 

 Mounting Brackets

Our sensors have been designed so that you don’t really need a mounting bracket to fit our sensors to your speakers or speaker hardware but if you do, we have a few available. If you see something that is not on the list and you need it, drop us a line, I am sure we can manufacture something for you.


  • dv-DOSC
  • V-DOSC
  • Kudo
  • K1
  • K1-SB

 Examples of Previous Works

Mods Art design work

The Italian company, Mods Art had their own logo and name added to their order of the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System.  It adds a sense of style, flair and individuality to their product.   Anyone who uses this can instantly tell who it belongs to and easily identify with the brand. 

If you would like to know more or have your own order branded, please get in touch and Contact Us


Britannia Row Productions design work

World renowned company Britannia Row Productions recently added 32 RECLINE Remote Inclinometer units to their inventory, complete with cables and cases.  The Display units and Sensors were coated in 'Brit Row Blue' and then the company logo added.  

BRITANNIA ROW PRODUCTIONS DESIGN WORK Case for RECLINE Inclinometer Sensors and Displays