RECLINE Inclinometer Sensor Unit

RECLINE Inclinometer Sensor Unit

Main Features:

  • +/- 30 Degrees Measurement Range
  • < +/- 0.1 Degrees of Accuracy
  • <5mw 532nm Green Laser
  • Magnetic Attachment System
  • XLR3, XLR5 or RJ45 etherCON connectors
  • Secondary safety 
  • Weatherproof
  • Tour Proof Rugged Aluminium Enclosure

Mount to any* Line Array Speaker System

The RECLINE Inclinometer Sensor unit contains a ±30deg inclinometer sensor for measuring angle and a powerful yet eye safe and legal a >5mw Class 3R 532nm (green) laser.  The laser can be used to ensure that your speakers are pointing at the very last seat in of the audience. 

A unique integrated magnetic attachment system is also included via the use of neodymium magnets.  These magnets really are strong.  They allow the sensor to simply be placed onto any steel bumper, flying frame or grid.  Its really easy.  If that wasn't enough there is also a safety / secondary point of contact included too for that added piece of mind!

For more permanent fixing, the enclosure also has four (4) M4 holes to allow the sensor to be attached directly to mounting plates, brackets and clamps.  If you need a custom bracket, let us know, we can make these too. 

Data and power is received and transmitted via a 5 pin XLR as standard but we can also supply RJ45 etherCON and in come cases XLR3.  

We know that you'll be using these sensors outside so we've included some weather proofing to keep the rain out and the electronic goodness inside.  Don't be afraid of a light shower but try not to take the sensor swimming.   

* must have have a steel bumper bar / grid or flying frame to make use of the magnetic attachment system.  2 mounting flanges are included as well for permanent mounting via M4 fasteners

RECLINE Compact Sensor

Main Features:

  •  +/- 30 Degrees Measurement Range
  • < +/- 0.1 Degrees of Accuracy
  • <5mw 532nm Green Laser
  • Universal mounting flanges
  • XLR3, XLR5 or RJ45 etherCON connectors
  • Weatherproof
  • Tour Proof Rugged Aluminium Enclosure

Small on size, big on features

The Compact Sensor is the result of nearly two years’ worth of of research and development.  The end result is the smallest and most compact sensor that we have ever designed. 

With a powerful 532nm green laser and a super accurate inclinometer sensor, this small device is more than a match for the big boys. Best of all, it can fit directly into many manufactures bumper bars, grid and flying frames.  L’Acoustics K1, K2, Kara & KIVA and the d&b T & V series, Nexo STM to name but a few.

RECLINE Sensor Upgrade

Main Features:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Faster and more reliable calibration
  • Lower power consumption
  • Increased weather protection
  • Greater reliability and performance

Next Level Upgrade

An upgrade kit for our existing sensors is now available.  Owners of earlier version of our sensor units will be about to fit this upgrade kit to their existing sensors.  This will bring the sensors up to the latest specification.

We can fit the upgrade for you or you can do it yourself.  Its that easy to do!  We also offer an exchange scheme - send us your old RECLINE sensor and we'll send you a new sensor of the latest specification. 

If you have some other manufacturer's inclinometer systems, we also offer a trade in service.  Contact us for more information

RECLINE Sensor Element

KSG Sensor Element

Main Features:

  • +/- 30 Degree Measurement Range
  • XLR3, XLR5 or RJ45 etherCON connectors
  • IP67 Rating
  • Multiple Industry Applications
  • Small footprint

Small But Tough

The Sensor Element is micro sized inclinometer that can handle anything that thrown at it.  Rain, sun, dirt and the hard knocks.  With its IP67 rating and tough injection moulded plastic housing, this wee guy can really take a beating.  Perfect for any outdoor application where the elements are going to pose an issue. 

This small format sensor is particularly suited to construction and marine applications.

Or perhaps as captain of a mighty sailing boat, yacht or ship, at some stage you need to know the optimum angle of heel.  

With our angle of heel clinometers and list clinometers, you will be able to quickly and easily keep and eye on the angle of heel and the angle of list that your craft is achieving.

Construction and Mining require accurate angle, gradient, slope and incline measurement.  Many aspects of construction and mining require the use of inclinometers. 

  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Mine shafts
  • Drilling rigs
  • Piling Rigs
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Boring Rigs
  • Construction equipment
  • Scissor Lifts, Telehandlers, Cherry Pickers, Boom Lift and Buckets Platforms levelling
  • Roll over warning
  • Bridge and Road curves and slops
  • Oil Derricks
  • Forklift